Wednesday, July 14, 2010

John Gray's official campaign Web site

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John L. Gray, candidate for U.S. SenateJohn Gray, Arkansas Green Party candidate for U.S. Senate. I am John Gray, a retired Engineer, currently serving as the Mayor of Greenland, AR.The main planks in my platform include:National Self Sufficiency:  Everything we need—for domestic and national security—should be produced in American owned plants, in the U.S.A., by companies headquartered here.Medicare For All:  A full service healthcare to meet physical, dental, vision, and psychiatric needs of every American, one service for all, including those elected to government office.Restore the Traditional Tariff System:  The tariff system, which served the United States of America well until the time of Ronald Reagan, made us the strongest, richest CREDITOR Nation in the world for over 200 years. Globalization made us the greatest DEBTOR nation in the world.End Corporate Personhood:  Corporations claim the same constitutional rights as you or I, allowing for questionable, if not immoral business practice.Enforce Anti-Trust Laws:  Corporations too big to fail are too big to exist.End Resource Wars:  The “Golden Rule” says we should treat other countries as we would have them treat us. The practice of destabilizing foreign governments for corporate interests should be relegated to he history books, not ongoing policy.Resist Corporate Rule of America!AR Congressional MembersEconomy in Crisis©2009-2010 John Gray for U.S. Senate, all rights reserved. No portion of this website may be reproduced without the express written consent of John Gray.Web Designs by Xpressions, Graphics SpecialistsContact the CandidatePrivacy Policy

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